About Us

AERO Assist is a joint venture between International Aviation Support and Post & Dros Aircraft Engines. Under International Aviation Support’s EASA approval, the engine shop is fully EASA certified and with the cooperation with Post & Dros, the shop benefits from decades of experience in the automotive racing engine industry.

AERO Assist is located in Dronten, which is a 15 minute drive from our Lelystad Airport facility. International Aviation Support and AERO Assist offer a full service, care free engine overhaul package. Everything can be arranged through a single point of contact. Services include aircraft pickup and ferry to Lelystad or Teuge Airport, engine removal from the aircraft, the actual overhaul, engine installation, rigging, adjustments and tests, check flight and return ferry flight. With our single point of contact concept we minimize the amount of separate companies and teams working on your aircraft. Apart from some NDT inspections, every step is done in-house and under our own quality system, which is a guarantee for high quality results. Because AERO Assist has a vast range of state of the art equipment and machines at its disposal, major engine repairs can be done in house, including the overhaul of cylinder assemblies, machining of valve seats to factory specs, valve guides replacement and cylinder honing with our Sunnen CK10 honing machine with special honing head.


Post & Dros is internationally recognized as engine overhaul and repair facility specialized in high performance American V8 engines used for the racing industry. Engine applications range from tractorpulling and dragracing to stockcar F1. The technical standards used in these racing series are one of the highest. The equipment used at the Post & Dros facility is the best currently available on the market. From CNC machining and cylinder honing to state of the art soda blasting, we have everything in house to overhaul your engine to the best standards available.


International Aviation Support is an EASA Part-145 and FAA approved maintenance organization. In addition to the maintenance organization approval the company is also approved as EASA and Turkish CAMO. With this approval International Aviation Support is able to provide full technical aircraft management and development and approval of aircraft maintenance programs. With facilities in Teuge and Lelystad in the Netherlands and Antwerp in Belgium International Aviation Support provides comprehensive maintenance support on a variety of aircraft. The scope of work includes approximately 60 different aircraft types, varying from the Piper Cub up to Cessna Citations and Beechcraft King Airs.