Low compression, leaking exhaust valve or camshaft worn; most aircraft owners and maintenance shops experience these and other problems on their engines. Replacing the cylinder is often the fastest solution when the exhaust valve is leaking, but not necessary the best option for you. We give you customized advise about the repair which may save you a lot of money at the end.


All repairs are done in accordance with the applicable manuals and service instructions.


Because AERO Assist has a vast range of state of the art equipment and machines at its disposal, major engine repairs can be done in house, including the overhaul of cylinder assemblies, machining of valve seats to factory specs, valve guides replacement and cylinder honing. 

FTM SG 1300 Seat & Guide Machine

Rottler F-65 CNC Machining

Rottler F-65

Sunnen CK10 and CV-616 Automatic Cylinder Resizing Machines